St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Group is a SAPO (St. Anthony's Physician Organization) physician practice composed of psychiatrists that offer the following services.

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by physicians.

  • Symptom and illness management which includes providing diagnosis, prognosis, and medications when indicated in a scientific evidence-based manner.

  • Treatment of psychiatric issues that complicate illnesses in the elderly, patients with neurological condition, and patients that have other medical problems.

  • We address psychiatric conditions that complicate the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse.

  • We provide referrals to and lead multidisciplinary teams within the acute inpatient and outpatient departments at Hyland Behavioral Health.

  • We work in conjunction with specialists from other disciplines such as medicine, neurology, pain management, family practice, and endocrinology at the medical center.

  • We provide consultations services on an office-based and inpatient basis for other physicians.

  • We make referrals to Hyland Behavioral Health Outpatient Services and work in collaboration with their therapists towards the best possible outcome for our patients.

  • We offer and provide inpatient and outpatient Electroconvulsive therapy treatment when indicated.

    St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Group is committed to meeting the mental health needs of the community.
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